Having recently participated in a prophetic type conference in our church, I observed people who were to receive or had received a word of knowledge or wisdom and would confess that The Lord had showed them that they would speak before large groups or have some great ministry. So many of us come into the kingdom of God with an agenda or a desire for some sort of exaltation and "hear" it spoken by God. Phyllis and I are no different; jazzed up by a great infusion of the Holy Spirit, we first visited the church we have been assigned to for the last 10 years with the intention of incorporating them into our soon to be international type ministry. It's embarrassing to recount but happens to the best of us; James and John vying for a seat next to Jesus in His kingdom or Peter always presuming a position of leadership to the point of correcting and rebuking Jesus. Those three ultimately fell in line but Judas never could release his agenda and was destroyed because of his inability. This is a great subject to explore and the Bible is loaded with individuals who couldn't conform to God's plan and were ultimately dismissed from their divine destiny, but that's not the point of this discussion. To the sincere seeker, God will lead you through His plan for your life if you'll conform to Him and as with James and John and Peter, there will be a great humbling before any exalting.
    If you'll humble yourself under the mighty hand of God as Peter later wrote, He will assign you somewhere; for the vast majority of us, it will be to someone else's church or ministry; not to a stage somewhere or to your new office at the headquarters of ( insert your name here) International Ministries, but to someone else's work because that is the Kingdom organization that has been designed to absorb you. And there the humbling begins. But it's imperative that you allow The Lord to put you where you belong; geographically, and structurally. And it can be a time of your life you'll look back on as one of the most spiritually exhilarating. We have people in our church that The Lord uprooted from other states and assigned to our church; from good jobs to seasons of employment purgatory; from nice houses to cramped quarters. But the people I know who accepted Jesus' challenge to follow Him have a measure of peace that only total obedience affords. Having said all that, I would caution you that finding your place can be a lot more fun than staying in your place.

    No matter how great the spirituality of the leadership, they are human and that will challenge your flesh mightily just as your spouse's humanity challenges you.  I would assert that as you should regard your marriage as a divine assignment so you should regard your organizational position as a divine assignment; a relationship that God has ordained and that man should not put asunder. I have written a lot about the kingdom on this site and we need to respect the structure of this divine government and not let our agenda or offense disrupt our particular area of the Body. But understand this, the disruption of God's kingdom on this earth is job1 for the devil. I'm afraid too much has been made of how much he hates us and wants to destroy us as we are made in the image of God. Well, satan was made in the image of  God as were his fallen angel cohorts,so I'm not sure how compelling that is. Satan likes us just fine if we're serving him. I think satan is totally about wreaking all the havoc he can to dismantle, disrupt, debilitate, and destroy God's kingdom on earth. So to the degree that you are complicit in God's plan, you are hated by satan and he will do all he can to run you out of your place. He will cause you to be offended by leadership, to resent leadership, to doubt and question leadership and to have all sorts of problems with people in your church.  Satan, as prince of the power of the air, will endue you with a massive spirit of criticism that will give you a supernatural ability to find fault with every single aspect of your church and lay it at the feet of leadership instead of fulfilling your divine duty of praying mightily and often for the people that God has gifted you with AND seeking God on what your role is to correct problems or inefficiencies in your organization. There are huge ministries out there that are run by gifted people who could run Fortune 500 companies. Chances are your outfit may be headed by people with great teaching or preaching anointing and gifting but with suspect organizational skills. Don't worry about it.
    Your job is to stay put and do your job. I believe the book of Nehemiah is an outline of this concept. It was time for Israel to wrap up the exile thing and get their country up and running again. This was the divine objective; specifically to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. We can't forget the divine objective. Then there was the divinely assigned leader: Nehemiah who was serving Ahasuerus, king of the world. Word got to Nehemiah that the wall was in ruins without any activity to build it. That devastated him and set off a series of events that would have Nehemiah traveling to Jerusalem with the blessing and sponsorship of the king. Nehemiah had the vision and it was the vision that was the force to drive the divine objective. I would offer that it's not necessary for everybody to have the vision, but more to recognize and respect God's vision keeper and to fall in line with him or her. The leader got the project going and caused the workers to work with a building tool in one hand and a weapon in the other to fend off the enemy. That is a great and useful image for us today. Your being in your place is a large part of the building of God's kingdom. I was thinking about a man in our church who has been there probably longer than anybody.  He is tremendously well read and has great  enthusiasm  for the things of God.  He is there most Wednesday nights and Sundays but his only official function is to pour the grape juice into the little cuppies and prepare the wafers for communion. On his own, he has a prison ministry in the community that he quietly performs every week. I believe our church and our leadership would really suffer were he to get offended or otherwise crossways with us and leave.We have emphasized evangelism as fulfilling the building of the kingdom almost to the exclusion of everything else. That would be like the coach of Notre Dame's football team running around the country recruiting and never assigning positions or running plays. I don't think that team would be competing for the national championship! But once you are in your place you must defend it. It's interesting to note that in Ephesians, Paul gives us a laundry list of battle gear to put on; swords and belts and shields but the equipment is not to enable us to do what the crisis demands. The equipment is to allow us to stand! Doing what the crisis demands is so often the easier part because you're doing. It's in standing that we are easy prey for the enemy and need our spiritual equipment to fend the enemy off. You will need the equipment to battle the offense, the resentment, the disillusionment as you see more man than God in everything. You will need the shield of faith as healings don't come to pass or finances suffer or other things happen that would cause you to doubt the Word of God. You must defend yourself from spiritual boredom and complacency. We have seen so many people fall away from God's kingdom plan for them for any one of the above reasons. It's not easy to stand which is why we need all that equipment. And there are other places to go where a man or woman can find a measure of righteousness and godliness and be part of something where there's much activity but it may have nothing to do with God's kingdom. I'll explore that in more depth in a future posting.
  In conclusion I urge you to seek God as to where you need to be. He can move you in any number of ways but ultimately you'll need to obey His voice. Find out whose vision you are to be a part of or be sure if you're to be the vision keeper. Finally, once you're in your place, don't allow yourself to be moved . Remember, Jesus was obedient unto death; you might just have to weather a little offense. Defend your position in God's kingdom and help Him build it!