Going Forward

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As we mature in our relationship with the Lord, we have mountaintop seasons and valley seasons. It says in the word we go from glory to glory so we know that we are to progress in our walk. There are also times that we sit idle and coast along, but then all of a sudden we are faced with a trial. My first reaction is to get in a "let's fix it" mode but sometimes it's not an easy/quick fix. I am the type person who likes things to be peaceful, but recently I had my peace disturbed. I would be awakened by my heart racing, which at first didn't bother me, but after a few weeks of off and on happenings I began thinking that something was wrong and began fearing that I would die. It got my attention but finally realized it was the enemy that was trying to rob me of my peace. I started diving into the word and reading scriptures (mostly Psalms) to give the peace I was desperately trying to get back and fighting the fight of faith to keep pressing into the word and seeking the Lord. One night I remember shaking uncontrollably and reading the word out loud and crying out to God to help me when the Holy Spirit spoke oh so softly "do not be afraid." At once I felt the peace of God being poured on me like a blanket covering me and I just kept thanking God for hearing my cry as I continued to read. As time went on, while talking to a friend, she told me to adjust my armor and trust God and the promises He has given. That really resonated with me. I began reading all I could about the peace of God and was led to read in Joshua about Rahab and how she put her trust and faith in God and it saved not only herself, but her family as they stayed in the house while everything in Jericho was destroyed . Right after that happened, Joshua went on to fight another battle and was defeated because Achan had taken some things after God said not to keep anything. After I read that account I began to ponder those two stories and the Holy Spirit began to teach me that, yes, God goes before you and He says not to be afraid and don't be discouraged but as we move forward we have to assess our walk and our hearts to see if there is anything holding us back. As you read in Joshua it said that God was angry because the Israelites had sinned. Now Joshua had no idea but after God revealed it to him he gathered the people and examined them until Achan confessed his disobedience. I understand that we are under grace and we can repent of our disobedience and I'm so thankful for Jesus who bore our sins, but we do have to take a heart check and see if there is anything that's keeping us from moving forward, and repent and know that God is faithful to His word to forgive us and get back on track to move forward in His calling for our lives. There is always shedding (crucifixion) of the flesh as we go from one step to the next. Just like the Israelite's when they were released from Egypt and got to the wilderness which was an 11 day trip it took them 40 years of going round and round because they resisted God proving them. In Psalms 26:2 David requested that God cross-examine his motives and heart because he knew that to move forward he must let go of the things that would hold him back. I really don't want to wander around for that long, do you? Phyllis

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