The Anointed Instrument/ The Pattern Son

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We were born into sin. We had already been set apart for service; eternal service to rule and reign. But we appeared on this earth profane, common, and vulgar. The calling to serve was made by a purely righteous, just, and glorious God. This dilemma , the soiled and common  associating with the just and righteous, was partially overcome by sacrifice, the shedding of blood by an Innocent on behalf of the guilty. We , who had been set apart or consecrated early on, were then made just; we were justified. We can be sure of these truths because of the painstakingly detailed symbolism of the pattern shown to Moses by which he was to oversee the formation and equipping of the tabernacle. But more was required. God had Moses command the perfumers to mix some olive oil and spices per God's detailed instructions because God and God alone was the sole arbiter of the effectiveness of this mixture. About everything that was to serve in the tabernacle had to be rubbed or anointed with this mixture to sanctify it or them to be made acceptable for service. They had to be sanctified. More than once, God admonished Moses:


"And see to it that you copy [exactly] their pattern which was shown you on the mountain."

     Exodus 25:40

  When God decided to create , we know by the account in Genesis and by the verse in Hebrews (11:3); "By faith we understand that the worlds [during the successive ages] were framed (fashioned, put in order, and equipped for their intended purpose) by the word of God, so that what we see was not made out of things which are visible." that creation was spoken into being.

    When God decided there should be light, He said " let there be light" and light appeared; the Word of God made light. The same with plants and other seed bearing life; God spoke and His Word was made seed bearing plants that reproduced after themselves. And the Word was made sun and moon, and the Word was made fish and sea monsters and the Word was made the atmosphere, but- and I really don't know if this is significant- but he formed the first Adam out of dirt, (which probably explains a lot, ladies!) so you might say that the Word was not then made flesh, but that man was formed by God's hand from dirt. But the second Adam was formed by the words of God detailing the pattern; from Him describing the seed that would crush the serpent's head, to all that was to be the tabernacle and the items within and the different offerings and sacrifices, to the Messianic prophecies of Psalms, and Isaiah and others, to the accounts of Joseph and David, and finally to Mary, when the angel declared that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and cause her to carry God's own Son. Truly Jesus was all these Words of God, or all the Word of God made flesh; God's intentions for man made manifest in the begotten Son , the Pattern Son. 

     The process by which the common, profane, and vulgar, the refugees from cave Abdullah come to be prepared to rule and to reign, the process by which we are anointed for holy service, the process by which we become tabernacles unto God, each of us, the process by which we as a body become properly fitting, fully statured as a perfect man has been outlined and the pattern laid out by God as the Word made Flesh. These are the intentions of God for man made perfectly clear by Jesus' 33 yrs on this earth.

   But truth is hard to come by. First, it has to be discerned or received from God as revelation. Then, it needs to be broadcast or published; spread. Then it needs to resist addition, subtraction, adulteration or mixing , and total refutation. And then it must be received. An old treasured truth must be laid down, and a new one absorbed, and like a really strong medicine, it might wreak a little havoc as it does its good work. So many Christian denominations have embraced the idea of Jesus as a Superman from another realm; so different and unapproachable that our communication should be with his mother, or former leaders who have been ordained saints by human decree. That obscures and emasculates the great truth that Jesus, currently our high priest who passionately intercedes for us, emptied Himself, came to earth as a man, whose only superhuman ability was His faith; all power was from the Holy Spirit trough Jesus' "vessel", to the earth, exactly as it should be with us! He is the Pattern!


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