God open this trunk

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As I read my Bible I see that Jesus is coming back for a glorious bride.  In earlier articles I have talked about how God created us to bring Him glory.  About a week ago, I was helping my mother go through some of my grandmothers belongings. I had asked my husband to pray for us that all go well.  He told me that he prayed that I be Jesus like.  There was a trunk there that had some valuable items in it but my mom couldn't find the key.  I have picked some locks so I took on the challenge to get this trunk open.  This trunk is big, old and heavy.  First, I tried to lift the lid but it was locked so I got a paper clip and started the process.  I was silently asking God to help me open this trunk.  I did that for several minutes with no success.  Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to say it out loud.  So I said God open this trunk.  I know you know how.  No sooner did those words come out of my mouth the lid to that trunk opened.  Now, I want to tell you that I had not used my expertise but Gods.  You should have seen my moms eyes.  They were as big as silver dollars and she yelled God opened that trunk!!  My oldest daughter was standing there and we said Thank you Lord for opening this trunk.  You see, I could have kept silent, I could have quit trying but I did what the Holy Spirit asked and God did the rest.  When my dad and youngest daughter came back in my mom told them what happened.  I believe it made a huge impact on my mom to see that God is very much into the details of our lives and most of all it brought God glory!!


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