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From time to time we'll post a "have you ever considered this" type teaching. Obviously, the word of God is vast and at times, his thoughts unsearchable. As he says in the Word,it's His privilege to conceal a thing ,and the King's/man's to discover it. (Prov. 25:2).

Along the theme of God's will versus our tendency to

subtly subvert it,I'd pose the following questions: Why did David want to build a temple? Why did God not allow it? Why did Solomon build the temple? Who gave him the plans?

Now before we answer the above questions, let me ask a couple more. Did God desire to set a King over Israel? We know the answer-NO! The people demanded a king,so God relented and chose one for them, but he told Samuel,".....they didn't reject you they rejected Me"

They didn't trust the unseen hand of God to guide them and protect them, even though it had gone on that way for several generations. But when we get excited about the lives and rule of David, or Jehosophat or Hezekiah we should remember it was not God's will to have a king other than Him over Israel.

1. So, why did David want to build the temple? Because he thought it unjust that he live in a great cedar house and that the Lord live in a tent.(IISam.7:1-2). Never in scripture will you read that God looked forward to some grant structure he prescribed to Moses, beginning in the 25th chapter of Exodus, the tabernacle in detail. He never said a word about a temple up until David speaking to Nathan.

2. Why did God forbid David from building a temple? Your answer is probably, "Because David shed much blood as a man of war." After David had declared to Nathan that he was going to build God a house, Nathan told him to go for it. But that night God corrected Nathan. 2 Samuel 7:5-16, and no where does he mention the blood David spilled. If you go to 1 Chronicles 17:4-14, God does not mention the blood David has spilt. The two versions are about the same. It

Now here is where my re-visiting the story rests on interpretation. If you go to 2 Samuel 7:11-16 or 1 Chronicles 10-14. The Lords says to David, "I will build you (David) a house." From your seed I'll establish a Kingdom by setting up your seed and He (is this Solomon or Jesus) shall build me a house ( is he talking about a temple?) and I will establish him in my house and in my Kingdom forever.

It would be hard to fault anyone for reading that and concluding that God wanted Solomon to build the temple. But I don't think God means that at all - I'll expand on this more.

So David charges Solomon to build God a house (which is why Solomon built it) and gives him the plans. Now we have no doubt about the plans for the tabernacle. They are prescribed to Moses in deep, rich detail over several chapters of the Bible. Was it actually God's will for Solomon to build the temple? 1 Chronicles 22:1-9 contains Davids instructions to Solomon. vs. 6 "Then he called for his son Solomon and charged him to build a house for the Lord God of Israel." David tells Solomon, he wanted to, but "the word of the Lord came to me saying, you have shed much blood and have made great wars. You shall not build a house for my name, because you have shed much blood in my sight."

But our 2 accounts of the word of the Lord coming to David via Nathan doesn't say anything about shedding blood. Either we'r rightly dividing the word or we're not. Obviously David was a mighty prophet in his own right (Psalm 22 and 69) and after meditating on what Nathan told him, it could be that God spoke further to him and told him that business about the blood shedding.

Here's my proposition: God never had any interest in the building of a temple. The tabernacle- a portable and more humble dwelling place in whose heart God would dwell. It is an enormous truth and a departure from mans tendency to put a god somewhere and go to it in time of need. But my proposition hinges on 1 Chronicles 22 8-10 being Davids elaboration on Gods word to him from Nathan, and not verbatim quote from God.

Solomon also quoted David quoting the Lord in 1 Kings 8:17-19 saying that David intended to build a house ( remember, a house God never made mention of until David brought it up.) Vs 18 But the Lord said to my father David, "whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well that it was in your heart (you won't find God congratulating David for this being in his heart in either 2 Samuel or 1 Chronicles.)

Nevertheless, you shall not build a temple, but your son who will come from your body, he shall build the temple for my name. Again, this is not the word from Nathan - God proclaimed that He (God) would build David a house from his seed. To be continued..