Time with the Lord

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As I was spending time with the Lord early one morning I was looking out at our lake and just basking in the beauty that God has so graciously given us. The azaleas had just started blooming along with the other spring flowers and the birds were chirping so happily and the ducks were swimming with such grace. Then as I was thanking God for all His handiwork, He spoke to me and said," All this you see is bringing Me glory. The azaleas with the beautiful colors bloom to bring me glory. The birds that are singing are bringing Me glory, the ducks that are swimming with such grace are bringing Me glory. As I sat there just continuing to look outside the Lord spoke to me and said and I created you to bring me glory. We were all created to bring God glory, to be a testimony of his goodness and to point others to Him, which brings Him glory. The flowers, brids etc all point to our Creator and they bring Him glory. I want to encourage you to walk in the authority that God has given to us so that when others look at you that it brings God glory.


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