God our rock and our fortress

Written by Phyllis. Posted in Articles

Do you believe this? I mean down deep in your very being?  We may say we believe this, but when trials come, it's test time.  You will find out how much you believe that God is your rock, fortress and stronghold.  God wants us to grow up in Him so it is a progressive revelation and relationship.  When I married my husband I loved him (obviously) but through the years I have come to love him so much more than I did years ago.   No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord he is with you if you have accepted him as your savior.  You can call out for help and he hears you instantly, faster than a text message can transmit.  He is our Shield, Fortress, Hiding Place, Keeper, Refuge, Rock, Shade, Shelter, Protection and Stronghold. Wow!  Allow me to expound on these words.  God is our protector from danger, a castle and a strong fortified garrison, He conceals and keeps us out of sight, He is our watchman, He keeps us safe and sheltered, He is a cover and our shelter from storms and danger.  He defends us and is a safeguard from harm and protects us against attacks of the enemy.  Now that is some bodyguard!  If you always thought how nice it would be to have a bodyguard well you have the very best!  We just really need to get it in our heart that God is who He says he is and call on him.  Phyllis

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