I'm Real

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Years ago, I was in a very desperate place, having made a big mess out of my personal and professional life. I didn't know anything to do except pray and get closer to God. I began going into my closet and spending time; praying, crying, daydreaming, dozing off, and mostly wondering why God wouldn't send an angel or a heavenly vision or his voice to reward me for my efforts and spur me on to Moses-like encounters and exploits. Somewhere in this time the Holy Spirit quickened to me the scripturre of Jesus advising Thomas,  "you believe because you can see Me and touch Me but more blessed are those who come to know Me having never seen or touched Me."(My amplification) That is to say, because they commune with me spiritually and in faith, theirs is the more real experience.
  So I knew I was on the right track but I still felt like an angelic visitation would be helpful. One day, I was not praying or even thinking much about God and the words,"I'm real, I'm just not real to you" ticker-taped across my mind. Almost simultaneously, a conciousness of an old episode of M*A*S*H came to me; Capt. Tuttle! Hawkeye and Trapper were in a jam and concocted a fictitious visiting officer named Capt Tuttle to whom they ascribed great virtue and goodness. They talked about him to others in camp and before long others were extolling his virtues as well. It was getting out of hand so Hawkeye and Trapper had to also concoct his demise. There was a funeral or a wake and all these people in the unit were coming forward to recount how Tuttle had changed their lives and how they would never forget him- the fictitious Capt Tuttle. It was a hilarious episode, but the Holy Spirit was making a point; an unreal person was brought to life by
pretending he was real. By imagining him and hearing about him and talking about him, he was made real. 
  God is more real than the chair you're sitting in or the computer you're looking at. You must breathe life into Him by talking about Him, hearing about Him, talking to Him as if He will hear you and listening to Him as if He speaks! We are so intent on wanting Him to demonstrate the reality of His Being when in fact, He's done plenty!
  So take a lesson from the M*A*S*H dudes, act as if He's real and He will be real!